Asbestos Removal in Essex

With the upmost safety in mind


“We’re here to help create a safer environment for people to live and work, we are experts in Asbestos removal in Essex”.

Envirosurv provide Asbestos Removal services in Essex. Our experienced Team work with you to deliver a service that covers all areas of managing asbestos removal safety and efficiently.

We undertake and advice on all types of asbestos removal and remediation works. Offering a complete range of asbestos removal, decontamination, encapsulation, and asbestos waste collection services   to suit your needs.

All our asbestos removal Supervisors hold the relevant qualification certificates and annually undergo refresher training. As well as this they take regular medicals to ensure they maintain the required standard in the removal of both licensed and non-licensed asbestos. 

Asbestos Removal Audits

Undertaking regular asbestos removal audits on our sites by third party asbestos consultants so you can be sure that Envirosurv Ltd meets stringent quality, health and safety and environmental criteria.

Each solution is specifically tailored to the property in hand. Before any asbestos removal, the information supplied from the client/survey & site visits from our experienced Management Team ensures all procedure are based on the specifications of the location and the obligations of our clients. 

This approach to asbestos removal guarantees the best results and allows us to fully comply with our client’s needs and Health & Safety and Environmental regulations.

Envirosurv Ltd - Asbestos removal in Essex:

FullY licensed Asbestos Removal services ESSEX

Experienced fully trained staff, supervisors and operatives

Site specific plans of work and risk assessments

Encapsulation of asbestos products

Full compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and HSE guidance.

Project Management OF all Work

For any enquires regarding our Asbestos Removal Services, call us on 01268 763372, via email at Or via the contact form on this website.

DID YOU KNOW How Dangerous Asbestos is?

Asbestos diseases kill more people than any other single work-related illness.

Asbestos-related diseases can take 15-60 years to develop and there is no cure.

Asbestos-related diseases are currently responsible for more than 4000 deaths a year in the UK and the number is still increasing.

ACMs iN good condition and left undisturbed cannot cause ill health.

The greater the disturbance of ACMs and the longer the duration, the greater the risk to your health

Effective control of exposure can only be achieved if techniques that minimise fibre generation have been used.

Asbestos Removal in Essex

When should I have Asbestos Removed?


BEFORE MAINTENANCE or refurbishment work which may disturb Asbestos Containing Materials.

Where Asbestos Containing Materials are damaged.

Where Asbestos Containing Materials are vulnerable to damage to the normal day-to-day activities in the building.

Where a change in the use of a building may make Asbestos Containing Materials more prone to damage.

Lead Paint Removal Essex

Lead Paint is controlled by its own set of regulation – The Control of Lead at Work (CLAW) Regulation 2002.

Did You Know that old leaded paint can be a serious risk to your health, affecting your breathing or if ingested, lead dust or fume can even cause long term problems like kidney, nerve and brain damage or infertility? Those people most at risk are those carrying out works such as removing existing paint to properties built before the 1980’s, stripping old paint using blow lamps or gas torches and dry sanding old paint.

Lead Pigments were widely used in paints in homes, schools, and offices until the 1960s. These lead pigments were not removed from paint products until the early 1980’s and so can still be found beneath existing paintwork in older buildings, bridges and gates.

Its important that lead paint is removed before it deteriorates to the degree that it begins to mix with other household debris and dust.

Envirosurv can arrange the sample testing and analysis for you. If lead is present, we can undertake the removal of this safely and within controlled conditions for you.

Asbestos Encapsulation Essex

Removal & Encapsulation – Any/All asbestos containing materials in good condition and undisturbed.

Non-Licensed Work – WC Cisterns, thermoplastic, bitumen roof felt, shingles, mastics Floor Tiles, Under Sink Pads, Asbestos Cement Products, drilling into decorative coatings, gaskets, rope cord.

Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW) – Textured Coated Ceilings & Walls, roof sheets where there is substantial damage, minor, sort duration asbestos insulation board that might be part of a refurbishment project, repairing minor damage to small section of pipe insulation where there may be broken or damaged exterior coating.

Licensed Work – Asbestos Insulation Board, Sprayed Coatings. Pipe lagging, loose fill insulation, millboard.

Benefits to Encapsulation: -

MORE Environmentally Friendly

no fibre release

Quicker to implement


Land Remediation

Asbestos containing material may have been buried whole or broken and mixed within demolished waste in the past.

Land contamination is not always visible, so data needs to be collected and analysed to identify any uncertainties and limitations to confirm the possible consequences if the land has been contaminated with ACMs. This has been found in many brownfield, and some greenfield sites.  For detailed information in relation to your responsibility as a landowner, client or Duty Holder please refer the HSE “The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012”.

Envirosurv will remove contaminants to ensure that the land can be redeveloped, carrying out comprehensive and extensive background monitoring and soil sampling during the removals, helping you to ensure the safety of your builders and contractors as well as the future and Sustainability of our Environment.


“Envirosurv constantly strive to provide our clients with a service that is tailored to their needs, whilst ensuring full compliance with Health and Safety Regulations & Legislation”.